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How Are We Unique?

Fundraising by capitalCORN
Fundraising by your own


Access To Investors

Right Connections

Dedicated Team

Cost & Time Efficiency

Right Matching

​Review & Feedback On Pitch Materials


Collecting Feedback From Investors

We are well connected with over 1000+ VCs and Family Offices across India. They are sector specific and sector agnostic investors. We are sector agnostic and focus on seed to growth stage startup fundraise.

Typically, funds have multiple team members representing the sectors. We have existing relationships with investors community and hence we know exactly whom to reach out within funds based on sector. Investors also trust deals coming from Investment bankers as they are filtered and validated. 

We have a team of expertise who constantly work on reaching out to the investors, following up with them and other related tasks. We also keep adding new investors in our database.

Since we have existing relationship with the investors, we can accelerate the fund raising process at a nominal upfront cost which ultimately saves time & costs for the founders. 

We track investors very closely and know investor's thesis in terms of sectors, stage and funding amount. Basis that we match the startups with the right investors.  

Our experienced team review your pitch deck, projection and other related documents before starting the outreach so that when you are put in front of investors, you are fully prepared. 

We make it a point to collect feedback from every investors and pass those feedback to founders in order to improve the next pitch. We have been doing investment banking for years, and hence investors are open to share feedback with us.

It is extremely challenging for founders to reach out to every investors on their own due to lack of connections and networking with them. Not reaching out to all the active investors = lost funding opportunity.

Sending cold email is not effective. Knowing whom to reach out is a key to success. 

Founders will have limited bandwidth to work on these tasks diligently. The resource that they hire will lack expertise in fundraising.

Co-founders can not put so much of time to reach out and do followup with multiple investors resulting in missed opportunity. If they hire someone to do this task, it will not be cost effective.

It is difficult for founders to have this level of detailed informations about each and every investors. Hence mismatch happens which results into waste of time. 

Even most experienced entrepreneurs miss some points in their pitch materials which results into not able to create good impression in front of investors. 

Generally, investor say Yes or No to the founders. They are not able to get frank feedback from the investors.

Schedule a call to explore if we can help you get the right investors for your startup.

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